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Is the Big Lots Credit Card Worth It?

What are the special financing options, advantages, and limitations of the Big Lots Credit Card?

Deciding on which store credit card to obtain is said to be a delicate procedure that requires you to be fully informed about your options and thereafter settle for the one which best suits your needs.

Since getting you informed is our priority, we bring to you an explicit evaluation of the beauty or otherwise of the Big Lots Credit Card, issued by Comenity.

We’ll explore and analyze its features, rewards, financing options, as well as its overall value. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether this card aligns with your spending habits and financial goals.

The Big Lots credit card is a credit facility and means of payment issued by Big Lots to its customers to help them in their time of need, and they, in turn, refund a definite amount within a specified period of time.

Special Financing Offers

One attractive feature of the Big Lots Credit Card is its special financing offers. These offers vary over time, so it’s important to check for ongoing promotions when applying. Currently, the card provides four financing options:

6-month financing period for purchases of $250 or more: If you make a purchase of $250 or above, you can take advantage of a 6-month financing period with no interest. This option is ideal for individuals planning to make significant purchases at Big Lots.

The second option is 12-month financing for purchases of $750 or more: For more expensive purchases exceeding $750, the Big Lots Credit Card offers a 12-month financing period with no interest. This option provides flexibility for customers making substantial investments.

There is also a third option, which is a 24-month financing for purchases of $1000 is made using the big lots credit card. on this option, no interest is charged if credit is paid in full within 24 months on purchases of $1000 or more made with your Big Lots Credit Card.

The last financing option available is the 36 Months option on which no interest is charged if all payments are made in full within 36 months on purchases of $1500 or more made with your Big Lots Credit Card.

It’s important to note that if the promotional plan balance is not paid in full within the specified promotional period, interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date.

Therefore, it’s advisable to carefully manage your payments to avoid such accruing interest charges. because this can affect your credit history and also make issues more difficult for you.

Deferred Interest and Responsibility

While special financing can be enticing and seem considerate, it is crucial to understand the terms and conditions associated with it. If you choose one of the financing options, you are expected to make timely payments.

Failure to pay the full amount by the end of the financing period will result in the full interest rate (29.99%) being charged retroactively for the entire funding amount.

This is known as “Deferred Interest” and can lead to significant financial losses if not managed properly. Therefore, it is crucial to budget your payments accordingly and set reminders to ensure you never forget to make payments at the appropriate time.

Card Features

  • This card demands no yearly fee.
  • Users are being given special financing offers on certain purchases.
  • This card offers fraud liability features.
  • It helps by reporting your card activities to the credit card bureaus.
  • Users are to pay a returned payment fee of $30 if payment is returned.
  • It has an unsteady purchase APR of 29.99%.
  • Customers are expected to have a credit score of 650.
  • And the late payment fee for this card is $38.
  • Note that for each credit plan, the minimum interest is $2.

When you use your Big Lots Credit Card to make $100 worth of purchases, you may join BIG Rewards and receive $5 back in rewards. You can accrue points through this rewards programme based on your purchases.

There is a reward program that offers benefits such as you getting up to $10 rewards on purchases involving furniture.

Benefits can also include VIP Shopping Days, birthday offers, and other perks etc.


The Big Lots Credit Card

Is the Big Lots Credit Card Worth It?

Determining whether the Big Lots Credit Card is worth it depends on your individual circumstances and spending habits. This is im

Here’s a breakdown of its pros and cons:

The Good Side of the Card:

  • More special financing options: The card provides special financing offers, allowing you to spread out payments for significant purchases.
  • No annual fee: You won’t incur an annual fee for owning the Big Lots Credit Card, helping you save on additional expenses.

The Bad Side of the Card:

  • Extremely high-interest rate: The card carries a high-interest rate of 29.99%, making it crucial to pay off the balance in full each month.
  • Limited usability: The card can only be used at Big Lots stores and does not offer online purchasing capabilities.

Considering these factors, it’s essential to weigh the benefits of special financing and the absence of an annual fee against the high-interest rate and limited usability.

Then, you can make an informed decision based on your shopping preferences and financial plans.

Card Advantages and Limitations

It would be unfair to talk about the advantages of The Big Lots Credit Card and evade its limitations; therefore, we present to you both:


  • No annual fee

Unlike some credit cards, the Big Lots Credit Card does not charge an annual fee. This can be advantageous for individuals who want to avoid extra expenses.

  • Special financing offers

While the card does not offer cash back or discounts, it provides special financing options on select purchases. This feature can be beneficial for those planning to make expensive purchases at Big Lots.

  • Fraud liability features

The card includes fraud liability features to protect cardholders from unauthorized transactions and potential financial losses.


  • No rewards program

The Big Lots Credit Card does not have a dedicated rewards program. However, Big Lots offer a separate rewards program that is open to everyone, regardless of cardholder status.

  • Limited usability

The card can only be used to make purchases at Big Lots stores and sadly cannot be used for online purchases or at other retailers.

  • High-interest rate

The card carries a high-interest rate of 29.99%. It’s crucial to pay off the balance in full each month to avoid accumulating substantial interest charges.

Applying for the Big Lots Credit Card

After making your decision on the card, you can then go ahead now to apply for it to ensure the benefits attached to using it.

To apply for the Big Lots Credit Card, visit the Comenity website using this Url and complete the online application form.

The application will require your personal information, including your name, social security number, date of birth, and annual income.

In addition, you’ll need to provide your contact address, phone number, and email address. While adding an authorized buyer is optional, it can be done during the application process. Once you’ve reviewed and corrected any mistakes, you can submit your application.

It’s important to note that the Big Lots Credit Card requires a minimum credit score of 650. If your credit score does not meet this requirement, you may need to explore alternative credit card options.

Big Lots Credit Card Login

Did you finally apply for this card and you have received yours? Then having an online account enables you to make purchases and pay with your card or check your balance.

To do this, you must complete a simple login process. When checking your card, we’ll show you how to log in to your credit card account.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Login

  • First Go to the Comenity Bank website URL
  • You will see the bank’s login online menu located on the page.
  • You can complete the process
  • First, enter your username in the first field
  • Then enter the password for the credit card account in the field provided.
  • You can also check the box just by the “Remember me” – which will allow you to save your username for future login sessions.
  • Click the “Log in” button and access your credit card account.

Making Payment

Making earlier payments while using your Big Lots credit card is highly encouraged in order to avoid accruing interest charges that subsequently prevent you from enjoying the full benefits of the Big Lots credit card.

Do you know that making payments has been simplified into three ways to meet the needs of everybody? You can either do it online, by phone call, or physically in Big Lots stores.

Steps to make payments in each of these methods have been highlighted below.

Online Payment

Visit the Big Lots website and navigate to the credit card section.

Log in with your details to access your Big Lots credit card account.

Find the payment section and select the “make a payment” option.

Fill in the required information, such as the payment amount and your bank account details.

Confirm the payment details and submit your payment.

And that’s it! You are done. But if for some reason you are unable to pay online or you are not comfortable paying online, you can pay through a phone call or physically in the Big Lots store.

Phone Payment

Contact the Big Lots credit card customer service number found on the back of your credit card or on your billing statement. Or use 1-888-566-4353.

You can either follow the automated response or speak with a customer service representative instead.

Let them know that you would like to make a payment on your credit card.

Provide them with the necessary payment information to make your payment, such as your bank account details or debit card information.

Verify the payment details with the representative and complete the payment process.

So short and simple, isn’t it? You can also visit a Big Lots store to make payments.

In-Store Payment

Locate the nearest Big Lots store.

Visit the store and go to the customer service desk or the register.

Inform the store representative that you would like to make payments on your Big Lots credit card.

Provide your credit card details and any other necessary information asked of you.

Confirm and complete the payment transaction at the store.

Most importantly, don’t forget to always check your credit card statement after making a payment to ensure the payment was done correctly.


The Big Lots credit card is a valuable option for customers who frequently make purchases at Big Lots stores.

However, making timely payments is greatly emphasized to avoid accruing high-interest charges resulting from a default in payment.

In any case, you should evaluate your financial plans and compare other credit card options to ascertain which one best fits your needs.

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